Classes in Spring 2018

PHYS 8302: Statistical Physics II Tue, Thu 11:00am-12:15pm (r.254)
Lecture notes:

Chapter V:
Chapter VI:
Chapter VII:
Chapter VIII:
04/05: The final will be on Tuesday, April 24, 11:00am-12:20pm.
02/13: The midterm exam is scheduled for March 1, 11:00am-12:20pm.


SMSRG Seminar
Wed 2:00pm-3:00pm (r.309)
CSP Lunch Seminar Tue 12:30pm-1:30pm (r.322)

Classes in Fall 2017

PHYS 8301: Statistical Physics I -
Lecture notes:

Chapter I:
Chapter II:
Chapter III:
Chapter IV:

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