Classes in Spring 2019

PHYS 1211: Principles of Physics I (Mechanics) Tue, Thu 11:00am-12:15pm (r.221)
Lecture notes:

Chapter I:
Chapter II:
Chapter III:
3/7: Current homework is due 3/28, 11am.
2/28: No new homework before the midterm on 3/7. Material permitted for the midterm exam: (1) a double-sided sheet with your own notes; may not contain entire calculations or derivations, (2) scientific calculator without programming capability and graphical display.
2/14: The new homework is up, deadline 2/28, 11am.
2/8: The midterm test is scheduled for 3/7, 10:55am-12:20pm.
1/31: The second homework set is online and the deadline is 2/14, 11am.
1/17: The first homework set is online, deadline 1/31, 11am. If you have problems accessing the set, please let me know immediately.
1/15: Please verify by 1/17 that you can successfully login to the LON-CAPA system on with your UGA MyID credentials.


SMSRG Seminar
Fri 11:10am-12:10pm (r.309)
CSP Lunch Seminar Tue 12:30pm-1:30pm (r.322)

Soft Matter Systems Research Group