Fluctuating Paths and Fields
W. Janke, A. Pelster, H.-J. Schmidt, and M. Bachmann (Eds.)
(World Scientific, Singapore, 2001)

Part II. Quantum Field Theory

Y. Ne'eman Higher Algebraic Geometrization Emerging from Noncommutativity
H. Abe, T. Inagaki, and T. Muta Dynamical Fermion Masses Under the Influence of Kaluza-Klein Fermions in Randall-Sundrum Background
R. Acharya The Ultraviolet Fixed-Point in Quantum Electrodynamics - Adler Conjecture: Is QED Trivial?
F. Buccella From Z Operator to SO(10) and Neutrino Oscillations and to Fermi-Dirac Functions for Quark Parton Distributions
C.A. Savoy A Tilt at Constituent Quarks
H. Fritzsch The Breaking of Isospin and the rho-omega System
G.V. Efimov Analytic Confinement and Regge Spectrum
A. Pelster and K. Glaum Recursive Graphical Construction of Tadpole-Free Feynman Diagrams and Their Weights in phi^4-Theory
B. Kastening Recursive Construction of Feynman Graphs in Spontaneously Broken O(N)-Symmetric phi^4-Theory
A.P.C. Malbouisson Critical Behavior of Correlation Functions and Asymptotic Expansions of Feynman Amplitudes
T. Matsui Gauge Symmetry and Neural Networks

Part I. Path Integrals and Quantum Mechanics
Part II. Quantum Field Theory
Part III. Variational Perturbation Theory
Part IV. Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
Part V. Topological Defects, Strings, and Membranes
Part VI. Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics

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Fluctuating Paths and Fields (World Scientific, Singapore, 2001)
Editorial Board: W. Janke, A. Pelster, H.-J. Schmidt, M. Bachmann